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Glass Whiteboard in Hospital Application


Ivana Shen Apr.19th,2017


With superior design and quality, the glass whiteboard, one of the newest, stylish, and most functional writing boards on the market have opened a new world for hospitals application.  


Glass Whiteboards offer a specialized range of features which are ideal for a healthcare environment designed. It become widely used in patient rooms, nurse stations , emergency rooms, and critical care areas as a high efficiency communication tool. It allows hospitals to get the full use of a whiteboard without problems of easy staining/ghosting, hard cleaning and short lifespan…


Patient health is the most important priority in hospitals. Keep a glass whiteboard in patient room can help doctors, nurses or families to keep track on every thing that helps for the patient’s health. It is great for keeping patients, healthcare workers and families fully updated about patient’s current state, physician information so they would clearly know how to make next step actions.


Glass whiteboards can also be placed in nurse station or scheduling centre for better daily/weekly work arrangement in hospitals. It helps the hospital to organize the staff and nurse schedule and any recent changes or news that need to be noticed.


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