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Glass whiteboard--The best Brainstorming Facility


Thinking about how you can encourage group brainstorming sessions. need some kind of dry erase board in your conference room to facilitate it. but what kind do you get?


a whiteboard ? remember, you get what you pay for. 

why a high-quality glass board is the better option for your business.

Won’t Stain

use a whiteboard, only to have the ghosts of presentations past get in the way? Both melamine and porcelain whiteboards are susceptible to ghosting and staining,  These stains build up overtime until, eventually, your whiteboard is virtually unusable.

While glass boards never ghosting or staining. They’re easy to clean, so you can have a perfectly clean surface to work on every time you start a brainstorming session.

Better Looking

Glass boards are clear, crisp, modern, and fit in seamlessly with any design .you can add a personal touch to the boards or choose to have a colored backing applied to the glass board, or have a logo or design added to it. As you can customize glass boards much more easily , it’s much easier to make it a part of your office design, instead of just a big square on the wall.


With whiteboards, you have to exclusively use dry erase markers and ensure that you use the proper cleaning tools to minimize staining and ghosting.

Glass boards allow you to change up your writing materials if you wish. You can use dry erase and wet erase markers on glass board surfaces, as well as liquid chalk for you artistic types. And regardless of what you use, the glass board will still come clean.

More Durable

Glass boards are much more durable than traditional whiteboards as well.

.Glass boards, are made of sturdy tempered glass. With proper mounting, a glass board will remain in like-new condition for as long as you have it.

For much longer lifespan of glass boards, they’re a better investment for your business than low-quality whiteboards that will stain and wear out in just a couple of years. And they’ll keep your office looking sleek and modern while you’re at it