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Main Features of Tempered Glass


Tempered glass is a type of safety glass which is processed by thermal or chemical treatment to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Now it is widely applied to many fields. You can almost see it everywhere in your daily life, it is generally applied to building decoration, furniture, vehicles, vessels, and also other applications to be discovered.


Here below are some main features of tempered glass:


Strength:  By special tempering process, the strength of tempered glass is about 7 times of that of the common glass. It is heat resistant, scratch resistant and corrosion resistant.

Safety:  Due to its high resistance to heat and breakage, tempered glass is hardly broken in common uses. Even if it is broken by very powerful external force, it fractures into little tiny cubes which with blunt edges instead of splintering into random and jagged shards. This greatly reduces the risk of injury to people. So it considered as safety glass.

Cut to size & edge finishing: Tempered glass can not be cut after it has gone through the tempering process. Even trimming the edges of the tempered glass is not possible as it will shatter into pieces. For this reason, all the cuts, shaping or edge finishing must be completed before the glass is tempered.