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Projection Glass Interactive Whiteboard

Post Time : 2014-03-31

  • Projection MG120180
  • Xiamen,China
  • White



Projection Glass Interactive Whiteboard



1.Non-glare,the projection screen is better than the all Projection screens and Projection board which now existing in the market.Also better than the same size of Hd television receiver.

2.Good write and easy wipe up directly without any trace

3.Magnetic,can absorb notes on the board

4.It is not be abraded , can keep new surface forever,Using Life-span: more than ten years

5.The largest size is 132*235cm.

If with ultrashort focal projector to be the family cinema, Video meeting wall,Teaching and meeting demo wall etc,then can with more comprehensive functions: write,erase,absorb notes message,projection.

6.Can joining together to/add to be the so large projection screen wall as replaying large sports events and artist program.It has very impressive visual effect. 

Environmental Standard: Certified by SGS. All 8 major components used in the products meet the European Union standards. 


Quality Statement


Made of highest grade of steel reinforced white glass. The strength and toughness of our Glass Whiteboard is 6-7 times more than that of regular glass. The quality of our Glass Whiteboard surface exceeds the standards of European Union. The quality control is our top priority. No defected glass will ever be used in our products. 

Use modern equipments, our unique technology and environment friendly paint. The painting materials used in our products satisfy both USA and European Union environmental standards. Our Glass Whiteboard are painted and baked more than twice. The finished products have to pass rigorous quality control before they can leave our factory.


Product Performance Indicator


Hardness > 3 H.

Water resistance(23℃)/ heat resistance:  72 hours/8 hours.

Acid Proof 10%H2SO4):> 24 hours.

Paint adhesion test:  > 5B.


Product surface Performance Indicator


Paint film: smooth, no reflection, no dot with Diameter greater than 0.3mm.

Magnetism: absorption of more than five  pages of A4 paper. 

Scratch: No Chromatic aberration, no scratch in the surface of our GLASS WHITEBOARD. No grey, black or any dot with Diameter greater than 0.3 mm in the surface of our Glass Whiteboard.



1、Plastic corner protectors are used on each corner of the whiteboard.

2、Then put into a bubble bag

3、2 styrofoam boards, thickness 15 mm, being put on and under the whiteboard, one each side. And then tightened by scotch tape.

4、Load into a 5 layer corrugated carton box, with four size styrofoam protected.

5、Carton packed by PE Tape.

6、Single packing specification: 109*169*5.3cm, Volume: 0.098CBM,300pcs in one 20GP  or different size in one 20GP 




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